Our “Limited Edition” Lavender Sage is our first intro product to our spiritual wellness line


Sage: Energy Cleansing - Removes Negative Energy - Harmonizes the Mind


Lavender Sage Smudge Stick - Dried lavender bundle - California white sage - 6" smudge stick


Sage cleansing is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for energy cleansing your home. Besides removing negative energy, using sage to cleanse a home helps to neutralize the energy of the space, enhancing your intuition. This helps to relieve your worries, open your mind, clear away negative thoughts and feelings and harmonize the body by releasing the stress of your spirit.

Lavender has powers of protection and cleansing. It has traditionally been used in herbal medicine for many infectious diseases and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Also used for protection and love. Lavender brings a positive energy, opens the heart chakra and calms the mind. And a pleasant and relaxing scent.

The use of sage is used  for many purposes, including healing, energy cleansing, to remove negative energy and ritual ceremonies. Historically, medicine people used sage cleansing on people who were ill, to bring them back from the negative space. It is used in  cleansing ceremonies for those who are seeking balance and pure thoughts.


Lavender Sage